250px-Tormato 2
Tormato slugs are common reddish air element slugs that are capable of producing powerful winds and tornadoes. Strangely, it's protoform has small horns instead of the usual antenna.In protoform it can blow a small jet of Air, Like a hair dryer. A famous Tormato is named Bluster who belongs to Trixie. Eli also has a Tormato as "The New Kid Part 1", It turns into a dragonlike creature after hitting 100 mph.


Galestrom : Stops in mid-air and blows gale force winds, making it hard to stand, see or fight.

'Airhamme'r : A ball of super dense air surrounds the flying slug, hitting like a hammer blow.

Slyphoon : Spins in the air producing a rampaging tornado.

Windshield : Tornado spins around a slugslinger protecting them from shots.