Threshers are blue metal element slugs. They can shred and eat things, and it's power type is cutting and chomping. These Slugs are common and can be found in Dead Drop Cavern. Eli Shane owns one named Buzzsaw. The ghouled version is called a Thrasher. When they transform after hitting 100 MPH, they gain charateristics of both tiger, sharks, and saws.


250px-Still Threasher CP

Thresher's main, and most known power is that they can slice through things.

  • Sawtusk: One huge bite abillity.
  • Trottle Bit: Spins like a saw blade.
  • Thrillo Bade: Shoots blades from its tail.
  • Blaster Bash: Chomps on to something then spins cutting it in half.
  • Slice spin: Spins and claws enemy at once