Tazerlings are blue slugs that use electrical attacks. If you overuse them they backfire on you. In its proto-form a Tazerling can cause a small jolt of electricity. Its preferred habitat is Tusker Forks Cavern. Its power type is electricity. These slugs are empowered with the element of electricity and it's a common slug. A famous Tazerling is Joules, who belongs to Eli Shane. Joules is one of Eli's favorite slugs. they are useful s


lugs common but on pare with rare ones like Infurnus. but they cairy the risk of back firing if over worked(but Joules performs im pleas this can be over come with training). Their antennas are shaped like lightning bolts and apparently are a good place to be rubbed if one's having a bad day. A ghouled Tazerling is called a Amperling..


 *Tazerbolt - Slug is surrounded by a ball of electrical arcs; gives a proximity zap

  • Tazercoil - Latches on to opponent and shocks them repeatedly on impact
  • Circuit Burst - Shot directly at equipment, short circuits blaster/mod parts
  • Tazerwing - Shoots lightning strike from its horns, burning the target and the ground around it
  • Slugshield - Electric defense screen shocks slugs shot through it
  • Quetzabolt - Lightning storm strafe, lightning wind and arcing explosion
  • Plasmaclaw - Scratches enemy with a super charged claw

  • can create fusion shoot with infurnus

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