Pronto the Magnificent is a "proud and knowledgeable" Molenoid tracker.

Information Pronto is a master rogue, slugslinger and adventurer... or at least that's how he tells it. Molenoid [1]have a built-in magnetic compass that means they can find their way almost anywhere. Unfortunately this has completely gone to his head, which is why Pronto's been kicked out of almost every cavern he's ever been to at least once!For a tracker his sense of direction surprisingly awful. And his cooking is terrible. Luckily his Slugsniper rifle aim is pretty good!


  • His favorite Slugs are Stinky, Jellyish, and Lariat.
  • The Sharpslinger Lightningbolt XD is his favorite Blaster.
  • FRND-0 is his favorite Mecha Beast..
  • He seems to like his mecha beast like burpy and Eli Shane.
  • He is the only one in the show to shoot the Crystalyd slug
  • One of Pronto's favorite slugs is his Flatulorhinkus.
  • it is revealed on Unbeatable Master that Pronto is great at the flute despite knowing only one song.


Pronto debutes in The World Beneath Our Feet Part 1, where Eli encounters him scavenging Will Shane's roost. He takes Eli to a tournament qualifier, and finds Kord Zane to spar against. The three quickly become quick friends, and they head off to the first round. Throughout the tournament, Pronto is seen enjoying snacks and bragging about Eli being his pupil. He doesn't actually participate but instead, photo bombs Eli's profile picture.