203px-Burpy sleeping

Burpy sleeping


burpy blasted by Ely shane.

Infurnus are a fiery species of slug. Infernus can survive even after falling into molten lava. These slugs are empowered with the element of fire. In its protoform it can create a small flame, good for light in dark spots, signal flares, and lighting a campfire. Its prefered habitat is the Cinder Rapids. Its power type is a powerful fire slug. Eli Shane owns a Infurnus, whom he calls Burpy, which is his favourite slug. When it hits 100 mph, it takes on the characteristics of a phoenix.


  • Flashfire - Shoots a small to medium fireball
  • Beatwave - Hits the ground surrouned by a giant fireball, knocking opponents back
  • Heatshield - Stops in mid-air, flame wings spread out and project a protective wall of fire
  • Spikescorch - Extremely hot micro-comet projectile, good for piercing stone or steel
  • Flamespire - Spiral rings of fire surround an opponent
  • Novaclaw - Creates an expolding, fiery path
  • Wingburst - Stops in air with wings wide open and showers foe with fiery strafing
  • Firewall - Makes a huge wall of flames.
  • Flamedance - Creates a show of fire, putting the opponent in a trance. 
  • can also create fusion shoot with a tazerling