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Hop Rock slugs are fire element slugs that are often used as explosive ammnuntion. They are found in Quiet Lawn Cavern, along with Grenueker slugs, another explosive species of slugs. A ghouled Hop Rock is called a Hop Jack. They are similar to Grenuker slugs except that the Hop Rocks have a different color scheme and red spots on their backs and heads. When 

they get ghouled they are commonly used by Dr. Blakk's lower-ranking minions.


  • 250px-Opening HopRock
    Sploder - A Medium sized explosion.
  • Meta Mine - Lays a visible field of glowing proximity mines to stop slugs or opponents crossing the area.
  • Scrapnel - Explodes in flight creating a burst of glowing hot shrapnel.(this is the first move called by name in the show ("Inheritance" when Eli congratulates Rocky on leveling up)
  • Metal Shard - Explodes in mid-air shooting needle-like shards that trap an opponent against a wall.
  • Hardball - Becomes a r
    250px-HopRock transformmatte
    ock ball that hits the opposing slug.

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