250px-ST SG SLUGS FlatuloProtoform

Flatulorhinkuses are a purple slug that emits toxic gasses. It is usually found in Stinkhole Swamp and its power type is Toxic stink. Pronto has one named Stinky. When they transform they gain pores which release toxic fumes thus making them more dangerous than they look. They are aperently called stinkers by slugslingers, noted when Trixie called Pronto's "just a stinker".These little guys are really strong when hit 100 mile they turn into salamander like creature.


  • Blorfball-Releases foul stench on contact, makes an opponent nauseous.
  • Sluglure-Terrible stench that makes people's eyes water uncontrollably, but slugs are attracted to it and will follow behind.
  • Stinklash-Hits an opponent with its disgusting sticky tongue, marking them witha foul stench that makes their eyes water.
  • Halotoxis- Emits a toxic gas from its mouth that can corrode metal on gear and blasters.
  • Gastroblast- Blorfs out a spray of disgusting greenish gas that hangs over an opponent making their eyes and skin burn.
  • Stinksludge-Sprays a blast of foul, sticky sludge balls that burn on contact.
  • Toxihands - Squirts a disgusting squirt of acid goo from it's fingers.