slugs are rare, and have a similar appearance to that of an Armashelt and SpeedStinger slugs. They are known for the fact that only one surfaces every hundred years. It has orange skin and cyan crystal armor with yellow lining on its head, back, and stomach. At 100 mph, it becomes a tear-shaped version of itself, with crablike arms and a drill for a nose. One appeared in episode 7, The Slug Run, and was the prize for the first place winner. Sedo, working for Blakk, attempted to steal it from Eli after the Victor gave it to him. But he was foiled when Pronto shot the slug, drilling a hole that knocked Sedo into a seemingly bottomless pit. Eli's Crystalyd returned, as it is seen in episode 16 when Pronto clears a path to make an exit. It can shoot its nose as a projectile but a new one quickly returns. They are apparently amazing diggers, both transformed and in protoform