Arachnet are, as its name suggests, spider-like slugs. These slugs are empowered with the element of earth and are uncommon. While in its protoform it can spin web lines and create small web nets. Its prefered habitat is, Deaddrop Caverns. It's power type is spinning webs and nets. A famous Arachnet is named Spinner, and belongs to Eli Shane.


Grapnet: Shoots a web line back at the slinger while flying through the air, then grabs on to a wall, like a grappling hook.

Flashnet: Spins a net like web to wrap up an opposing slug and disable it.

Webwall: Spins a sticky net wall across an arena or open space. can stop a fall, or sling attacks back at an opponent.

Threadstinger: Shoots a single poison thread pumping venom through like a taser.

Cocoono: Wraps an opponent up in it's sticky cocoon

Arachnorok: Shoots sticky web balls that have the force to knock opponents off of their feet, then tangle them up in a sticky web.